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Goodbye Shivtr

This may come as big news to some and little news to most, but DarkSith is no longer using shivtr. We have moved to an enjin site some believe shivtr is better but if it was we wouldn't be moving to enjin (Fact). I think we lasted on shivtr pretty long (we've used it since september 2011 after all.) DarkSith was actually the first Republic Commando/Battlefront 2 Clan/Guild to even use shivtr. To think that we created a spiral effect that made shivtr somewhat popular in the star wars community (as if :P). Times do change though and we thank shivtr for supplying a free version of a site that put freewebs on it's ass. Our alliances will stay the same to anyone wondering and we ask that any members who use this site please go to the enjin one and never come back here. This site is dead. To any inactive members who decide to come off inactivity feel free to go to the enjin site as well. Thanks to anyone reading this, cya around.

New Website

We have moved to a new website!